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Always great to hear your feedback.

Some time ago we summoned up all our courage, took a brave pill and asked our clients some questions about how they felt about us! We are grateful to everyone who gave us their time and thoughts but we feel Fiona went out of her way to engage with the idea and while it’s great to take note of constructive criticism, it’s also good to know we are getting some things right. 

Hi Jim,

Ask, and you shall receive!  It is my pleasure to provide feedback, as requested in the latest newsletter.

1 What made you choose Bottomley’s?
Easy one, this.  I used to bring my elderly mum to you for Diabetic screening and regular eye tests.  I saw how nicely my mum was treated by your staff, and I was impressed.  Mum wasn’t an easy person to please, but she always had the full attention of your staff, and they pulled out all the stops for her.  Nick, in particular, a true gentleman, always made her feel like royalty, and I’m very grateful for that.I also noticed, whilst waiting for mum to be tested and fitted for new specs, what a fantastic selection of frames you have.  Not just run of the mill stuff, which has it’s place, for sure, but exciting colours and funky shapes!Sadly, mum died last year, but I had already decided when the time came for my next eye test,  I would be going to Bottomley’s for it.

2 How did your experience with us compare to other opticians?
I’ve worn glasses since I was 7 years old.  I’m nearly 60.  I have a lot of experience upon which to base my answer!The big chains and franchises are crap!  I stay well away from them.  You never see the same person twice, and they don’t care about you as a client.  They couldn’t care less whether you came back again or not.  They sell you a product, often a badly fitting one, and move on to the next.  (Twice, I’ve had the experience of the optician making a mistake in writing down my prescription, and then trying to tell me it was my fault when I couldn’t see!)I have always done better with an Independent optician.I used to work in Hebden Bridge, so I went to Mark Hurst for a while, and he was great.  But I’m retired now, and parking in Hebden Bridge is well nigh impossible.  I needed to find somewhere closer to home.  Bottomley’s it is, and shall remain.Also, Martyn was brilliant when I found I had a problem with the fit of my new glasses, and left no stone unturned in identifying and ultimately rectifying the problem.

3 What do you like about your glasses?
Waiting in the shop to be called through for my eye test, I saw them at the other side of the room.  Bright Turquoise!  They called to me.  Nick walked through the shop and seemed concerned to find me gazing, with wide eyes, into the distance.  I think he thought I was having some type of seizure.  ‘Are you OK?’, he asked.  Oh yes, I’ve just spotted my new specs!, I said.They are Bellinger frames; beautiful, lightweight, amazing colour, and fit me perfectly.  I love them!I have a complex prescription; high index, varifocal, astigmatism, you name it.  When you have to wear your specs all day, every day, you want something that reflects your personality.  These are the nicest specs I’ve had in 53 years.  Yes, they cost a bomb.  

4 What, if anything, would you change about us?
Quite honestly, I can’t think of a single thing.  Just keep on being Better at Bottomley’s!

Many thanks to all your staff, from reception through to dispensing, they are all great.

Kind regards,
Fiona Sinfield

“ Very good, friendly, professional and good advice. ”

R. Womersley

“ Excellent selection of glasses.. far superior to other opticians I have used. “

“ I like the design of my glasses but most important is the fit and comfort.“

N McDonnell

“ I chose Bottomley Opticians by seeing a post on FaceBook they’d done showing a different style of glasses, Danish and Belgian. “

“ Outstanding, personable, and a pleasurable, relaxed experience. “

“ The glasses? I like the quality, colour, material and the great range that has been researched and hand picked “

“ Don’t change. I had a lovely, personal experience. Thankyou : ) “

Gayle Harari

I chose Bottomleys because I wanted an independent opticians. I like everything about them ; the staff, the choices, The service is the best and they’re very patient “

“ There is no comparison for me.. Bottomleys are number 1. “

“ I like everything about my glasses because you listened to what I would like and that is what I have. “

Anne Farmer

“ Highly recommended by a friend “

“ Friendly staff.. they listen to what I want “

“ I like my glasses they’re very light and comfortable “

Denice Dalley

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